Pamarco’s IRIS

The Goddess of Color

Introducing the Iris Proofer, the embodiment of Pamarco Proof Master’s unrivaled industrial standards. This extraordinary tool is second to none when it comes to experimental and laboratory proofing of flexographic inks and various fluid coatings and coloring materials.

The Benefits of IRIS

Color Consistency

Calibrating or correlating press to ink proof ensures ink match. The work in matching color is done in the ink department.

Increased Productivity

Reducing time spent at press to adjust color frees up press time and shortens time to job completion. Over time it creates great saving oportunities and increases overall plant production.

Reduce Waste

Accurate ink to press reduces startup waste and the associated reprocessing/recycling costs. In many cases, saves the cost of ink reformulation and associated ink costs.


Proofing Is

Press-ready inks have revolutionized the printing industry by significantly increasing productivity and efficiency. These inks not only shorten the press setup and color approval process, but also reduce ink consumption and its associated costs. A prime example of their effectiveness can be seen in the accurate reproduction of brand-specific colors, such as ensuring that “Coca-Cola Red” is the exact shade intended. The key to achieving this level of precision lies in the careful monitoring of density and LAB values. By adhering to tight Delta E standards and implementing the necessary controls, press-ready inks provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution for producing high-quality print materials.

Save Time & Money

Elevate your efficiency and optimize your budget by adopting the Iris Proofing system. By drastically reducing your color matching and setup time, it not only accelerates your workflow but also ensures significant cost savings.

Example Your Case
Billable Value of Press Time $600
Jobs Run per Shift 8
Shifts Per Day 2
Days Per Week 5
Estimated Setup Time Associated to Color Match 15 Minutes
Possible Savings in Time with Iris Technology 5 Mins
Current Cost Associated With Color Matching $624,000.00
Possible Savings $208,000.00

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